Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eliso Pantskhava

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Specific and Technical Skills

  • English -Fluent, Russian-Fluent, Georgian-Natve
  • PhD, Kutaisi Ak.Tsereteli State University, English Philology, 1998, Kutaisi,Georgia
Academic and Administrative Experience
  • Lecturer of the History of Foreign Literature, ATSU, Department of the History of Foreign Literature, 9/1995-2/2001
  • Head Teacher of the History of Foreign Literature and English Language , The Lady’s Institute at Kutaisi Technical University, English Philology , 10/1999-6/2003
  • Teacher of English Language, ATSU, English Language Department, 12/2004-6/2007
  • Teacher of English Language, Georgian-British College “British Connections“, English Philology , 10/2007-5/2009
  • Lecturer of English Language and Literature, Georgian University of Theatre and Film, English Philology , 10/2007- 6/2012
  • Lecturer of the History of British Literature, ATSU, English Philology , 10/2012- up to now
  • Lecturer of the History of British and American Literature, IBSU, English Philology , 02/2016- up to now
Research Interests
  • History of Literature, Modernism, James Joyce
Teaching Interests
  • History of British and American Literature
Selected Publications
  • Eliso Pantskhava. (2013 ). Stephen Dedalus and the Innovative Character-Building Techniques in James Joyce’s “Ulysses”. ATSU Scientific Journal Moambe. #2, pp.300-306.
  • Eliso Pantskhava. (2013 ). James Joyce’s “Ulysses”- Main Archetypes of the Novel and Symetry of Characters. Guram Tavartkiladze University Scientific Journal. # 26(Publi), pp.230-234.
  • Eliso Pantskhava Female Protagonists of Joyce’s “Dubliners”. III International Conference “Modern Interdisciplinary Studies and Humanities”. 2017. ATSU. pp.e-edition.
  • Eliso Pantskhava Adult Protagonists in “Dubliners“. IRCEELT 2016 - 6th International Research Conference on Education, Language and Literature. 2016. IBSU.
  • Eliso Pantskhava A Problem of a Young Protagonist in James Joyce’s “Dubliners”. II International Conference “Modern Interdisciplinary Studies and Humanities”. 2015. ATSU. pp.458-461.
  • Eliso Pantskhava A Childhood Cycle in “Dubliners“- Analysis. II International Conference, Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University Publication. 2014. Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University . pp.176-179. ISBN 978-9941-459-65-8.
  • Eliso Pantskhava Stephen Dedalus in the Context of Shakespearean Archetype in “Ulysses. TSU International Conference “The World of Shakespeare”. 2013. TSU. pp.192-201. ISBN 978-9941-22-110-1.


  • Eliso Pantskhava. (2014). Stephen Dedalus-A Young Joycean Protagonist. Kutaisi: ATSU Publication. .


  • “Reading Shakespeare”- project for English Philology students and school pupils (Head of the Project). ATSU. 2016
  • “Robert Sturua’s Shakespearean World at Schools” (Participant, Regional Coordinator) . ATSU. 2016
  • “Reading “Ulysses” -a one year project for English Philology Students. ATSU. 2015
  • Bloomsday Annual Celebrations in Kutaisi. ATSU. 2014 – up to now
  • Shakespeare’s Week. ATSU. 2014
Membership in scientific and professional communities
  • International James Joyce Foundation
Courses Taught
  • 2017-2018 "Anglo-American Literary Studies I,II"
  • 2016-2017 "Introduction to English literature"