Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azer Dilanchiev

Contact Info

  • Program Coordinator
  • Azer
  • Dilanchiev

Specific and Technical Skills

  • • Azeri – Native • Russian-Native • English – Fluent • Georgian-Fluent • Turkish-Fluent • Spanish beginner
Technical Skills
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point), SPSS, R, STATA, LaTeX Productivity and efficiency analysis, SFA, time series analysis, panel data analysis, multivariate statistics, analysis of variance, parametric and non-parametric regression, environmental valuation techniques, questionnaire design, semi-structured interviews
  • Ph.D, Georgian Technical University, Economics, 2009-2012, Tbilisi /Georgia
  • MA, International Black Sea University, Business Administration, 2006-2008, Tbilisi/Georgia
  • BA, International Black Sea University, International Economic Relations, 2001-2005, Tbilisi /Georgia
Academic and Administrative Experience
  • Research Assistant, International Black Sea University, FFaculty of Business Management and Social Sciences, , 3/2006-1/2010
  • Research Assistant, International Black Sea University, Social Sciences, 01/2010-2013
Research Interests
  • Economics, Entrepreneurship, Microeconomics ,Macroeconomics,Economic Integration
Teaching Interests
  • Principles of Economics, Microeconomics,Macroeconomics, information Technology,Entrepreneurship
Selected Publications
  • Azer Dilanchiev,Ahmet SEKRETER. (2016). Remittance Inflow and Economic Growth: The Case of Georgia . Journal of Research in Business, Economics and Management. 2(6), pp.868-873.
  • Azer Dilanchiev,Ahmet SEKRETER. (2015). The Effect Of Trade Openness On Entrepreneurship Development In Case Of Georgia. International Journal of Recent Scientific Research. 6(10), pp.6990-6994.
  • Azer Dilanchiev. (2015). The Economic factors of Emigration process in Georgia. IBSU Journal of Social Sciences. 2(4), pp.78-83.
  • Azer Dilanchiev. (2014). Relationship between Entrepreneurship and Unemployment: The Case of Georgia.. IBSU Journal of Social Sciences. 2(3), pp.5-9.
  • Ozsoy.I, Dilanchiev.A, Gormez.B. (2013). Evolution of Entrepreneurial Skills in case of Georgia. . Journal of Transformation in Business and Economics . 6(7), pp.56-67.
  • Azer Dilanchiev. (2013). International Competitiveness of South Caucasus Countries: Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia. Journal Ekonomika. 3(12), pp.40-48.
  • Azer Dilanchiev. (2013). Entrepreneurship as a Determinant of FDI in case of Georgia. IBSU Journal of Social Sciences. 2(2), pp.31-36.
  • Azer Dilanchiev. (2011). Trade pattern of Georgia: Gravity model Application. IBSU Journal of Social Sciences. 1(1), pp.pp.96-99.
  • Azer Dilanchiev Tourism Demand in Georgia: Gravity Model Analysis. 7th Silk Road International Conference “Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainable Economic Development in Eurasian Countries”. 2012. Batumi, Georgia. pp.407-411.

Citied Publications

  • 1.Approach. S Khan, D Khan - Romanian Economic Journal, 2013 - 2.ED Doumbe, T Belinga - Open Journal of Social Sciences, 2015 - file.scir/ Empirical analysis of georgian trade pattern: gravity model
  • 1. U Naiemah, A Zuraini, T Salha -, 2. UN Saraih, AZZ Aris, SA Mutalib… - MATEC Web of …, 2018 -, 3. A Salama -/ Relationship between Entrepreneurship and Unemployment: The Case of Georgia
  • 1. Determinants of international tourism demand for the Philippines: an augmented gravity model approach, 2. What determines international tourist arr/ Tourism demand in Georgia: Gravity model analysis
Membership in scientific and professional communities
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer Journal of Social Sciences (IBSU), Georgia Social Sciences Research Journal, Turkey
Seminer and Events
  • • Erasmus visiting lecturer program. Poland Krakow, Krakow Economic university. 2017
  • Scholar Research . Fatih University,Turkey. 2012
  • • 4-th Interuniversity Conference winner (06.07.2005)
  • 2014 Outstanding Teaching Award Awarded by International Black Sea University, Office of Graduate Studies. 2013 Honors Distinction Awarded for Diss
Courses Taught
  • 2013 "Microeconomics"
  • 2013 "Macroeconomics"
  • 2012 "“Information technology” "
  • 2011 "“Introduction to Economics” "