Ukrainian Students will be benefit a 50% discount to fund their studies - International Black Sea University
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Ukrainian Students will be benefit a 50% discount to fund their studies


International Black Sea University is following the developments in Ukraine with great concern and on behalf of the University Governing Board, we would like to express our support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

We are joining the global protest and condemn this brutal manifestation of aggression.

Hereby, we express solidarity with the Ukrainian people and the maintenance of international peace.

  • The University plans and has organized the following activities:
  • A Public lecture entitled “War and Peace” was held
  • A panel discussion “The Russia-Ukraine War, an International Response to the Challenges of World Order and Security” was organized
  • From the new academic year, Ukrainian citizens who start studying at our university, as well as whose restoring students’ status and students  enrolled through mobility will be benefit a 50% discount to fund their studies. Scholarship applies to the full duration of all educational programs, including Bachelor, master and doctoral levels
  • The fund and staff donations allocated by the University will be donated to the Ukrainian people in the form of charity
  • The university administration plans to donate blood.

We believe that evil will always be defeated through education, dialogue, mutual respect and that there will be peace in the world.

International Black Sea University Governing Board

Chair of the Board, Rector

Dr. Saffet Bayraktutan