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Mariam Banetishvili – Third year student of International Relations Program

“It is a wonderful feeling, when you take a picture like that in front of the Eiffel Tower at the end of the third year. Even though the pandemic restricted me from having a socially active life after leaving school, I was still able to achieve my most important objectives. Paris is a great childhood memory of mine. Now I am more confident and ready to make further strides. After the first semester of the 2019–2020 academic year, I experienced the charm of real student life. Even the adventures I could only dream about are present every day.
France stands out for its educational system. I had never experienced teaching in this manner before. However, IBSU’s knowledge and experience, together with my involvement in Spain’s pioneering virtual exchange program, all greatly aided in my ability to swiftly adjust to the learning process and atmosphere.
Additionally, I want to note how much progress we have made in all areas with the French (and not only French) students. They have taught me valuable lessons. I had a lot more time during this exchange program to learn more about myself. The fact that Paris met people who made academic planning even more exciting is also notable.
Finally, I want to advise everyone to take advantage of every chance they are given, to never give up, and to know that they will undoubtedly reach the altar.