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The 2020 University Human Rights Law Week

Faculty of Law

The 2020 University Human Rights Law Week is over. This year, 11 universities of Georgia participated in the week, which organized various events related to human rights remotely.

University Week is supported by the USAID-funded Rule of Law Support in Georgia (PROLoG) program.

Events organized by the Faculty of Law of the International Black Sea University during the week:

☑ Public lecture on “Human Rights at times of Covid-19″

Invited Speaker: Natalia Vutova – Head of the Georgia Office of the Council of Europe.

☑ Public Lecture on the Humanitarian Mission of the Georgian Red Cross during the Global Pandemic ”

Invited Speaker: Natia Loladze – President of the Georgian Red Cross Society and Member of the Board of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

☑ Public Lecture on “Freedom of Belief and Religion and its Restriction in Pandemic” Invited Speaker: Kemal Sahin