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PR Department of IBSU has launched a new Project “IBSU Marketers”


Public Relations Department of IBSU has launched a new Student Project “IBSU Marketers.” The project plans to involve Black Sea International University students in managing and managing an information PR campaign for entrants.

Unpaid internship in the public relations department of the project. IBSU Marketers will work on creating the content needed to promote training programs, make animated videos, support informational meetings with target audiences, and other activities.

The project will enable students to work in a creative and accepted environment in terms of case marketing.

“IBSU Marketers” will be a 10 student team consisting of three graphic designers, two copywriters,  three PR assistants, one Motion Designer and one team leader

If you wish, open a PR account for interns and join the project, send your CV (and portfolio if needed) to projects@ibsu.edu.ge.

For additional questions, please contact Davit Vadakaria: 19100109@ibsu.edu.ge | +995592584303

More details about the project can be found at the link.