Professor of Turkish Philology - International Black Sea University
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Professor of Turkish Philology

International Black Sea University LLC announces an open academic contest for Turkish Philology Direction Professor (1 vacancy for 5 years )

Vacancy: Professor – 1 vacancy for 5 years

Qualification requirements for Professor:

  • Doctorate or equivalent degree (in Turkish Philology or related fields);
  • At least 6 (six) years of scientific-pedagogical experience
  • at least three years of teaching experience of working as an associate professor/professor at any higher educational institution recognized by State,
  • Turkish Language proficiency (C1 level);
  • Meeting the requirements defined by the scientific -pedagogical activity report

There is a possibility for a qualified applicant to occupy academic position based on professional merits. In this case, the qualification of the person may be confirmed by professional experience, special training and/or publications. A person may be considered as correspondingly qualified, if she/he has a qualification necessary for developing learning outcomes and the candidate should meet the following criteria:

  1. Holds a PhD or equivalent degree in a different field Or Holds a Master’s or an equivalent degree in the same field.
  2. A candidate must have significant working experience in the relevant field at least 10 (ten) years
  3. c) At least 2 publications in the relevant field and / or field-specific training for the last 5 (five) years and
  4. d) Minimum 1 year of scientific-pedagogical activity in a higher education institution;
  5. e) Turkish Language Proficiency (C1 level)

Candidates are required to sign an Affiliation Agreement with the University.

Applicants must submit the following documents (in printed and electronic form) to the University:

  • Job Application
  • Information form
  • Copy of ID card. For foreign citizens – notary-approved translation / copy of residential card (if any);
  • Notary approved copy of Georgian Diploma and/or notary approved translation of foreign Diploma/relevant certificate. If the diploma is not issued yet, temporary graduation certificate is necessary. If the diploma is issued by a foreign HEI, it must be recognized under the Georgian legislation by the corresponding body and a copy of recognition letter is required;
  • Document(s) certifying scientific-teaching work experience;
  • CV in Georgian and English with at least two references;
  • Scientific-pedagogical activities report
  • List of field relevant scientific articles and publications and their copies (during the last 5 years);
  • Syllabus in Georgian and English (if the course is delivered in English/or in other foreign language) or in Georgian (if the course is delivered in Georgian). The candidate may submit a syllabus prepared not in IBSU format for the contest.
  • Book of Job Records or certificate from current / previous job (other than IBSU);
  • Documentation / Certificate of Participation in Trainings and Conferences (if available);
  • Copy of international certificate of proficiency in foreign language / Curriculum Matching / Copy of higher education certificate in foreign language (if required). In the case of a document issued in a foreign language – a notarized translation and copy or a document certifying the lecturing in the relevant language;
  • Documents confirming a professional merits (if an applicant wishes to occupy a vacant academic position on a professional basis)

The commission is authorized to request the candidate to conduct a sample lecture. The sample lecture is delivered in the language of instruction of the program.

Interested candidates should submit the required documents (hard copy and electronic version) from April 6 till April 10, 2020 (from 14:00 to 16:00) to the Chancellery and Human Resources Management Office of the International Black Sea University.

Contact number: 32 2595005 (131/132), E-mail:

Address: Tbilisi, D. Aghmashenebeli Alley 13th km, # 2.


  • Job Application
  • Information form
  • Scientific-pedagogical activities report