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Information for students to be enrolled through mobility at International Black Sea University, LLC
The registration period for mobility students on the portal of LELP-National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (https://students.eqe.ge) and fee payment period is defined from January 17, 2019 to February 1,2019 (18:00 pm). 
The announcement of the mobility results on the portal of LELP-National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement: February 6, 2019. 
In case of getting a positive result on the portal of LELP-National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, the mobility student should address International Black Sea University, LLC, on February 6-8, 2019.
The list of required documents for registration:
Application form (to be filled in at Quality Assurance Office)
Copy of ID card (for foreign citizens – notary-approved translation/copy of passport/residential card)
Approved copy of official transcript
Approved copy of Rector’s order on enrollment at current university 
Approved copy/copies of Rector’s order(s) on suspension/restoration/termination at current university (in case of existence)
Certificate about student’s status at current university
Copy of General School Certificate (for Bachelor’s students)
Copy of Bachelor’s Diploma (for Master’s students)
Copy of Master’s Diploma (for Doctoral students)
Copy of National Exams/student card 
Copy of Military registration card (for male students) 
Note: If the General School Certificate/Diploma is issued by a foreign School/College/HEI, the letter of recognition from LELP-National Center for Education Quality Enhancement is required.
Applicants to educational programs with instruction language in English, have to prove the knowledge of English language (B2 level) by submitting English Language International Certificate of the relevant level or by passing English language test in the university.
At International Black Sea University, the enrollment based on mobility will not be carried out starting from the 7th study semester of Bachelor programs, the 3rd study semester of Master programs and the 4th study semester of Doctoral programs.
Different fee is defined for foreign citizens. Detailed information is given on IBSU webpage.
Applicants must confirm the consent/rejection to enrollment conditions at International Black Sea University, LLC at Quality Assurance office on February 13, 2019 till 15:00 p.m.
Applicants should submit the relevant documents at Quality Assurance Office of International Black Sea University, LLC from February 6, 2019 to February 13, 2019.
For further information, please contact Quality Assurance Office. 
Tel: 032 2595005/06 (132); E-mail: contact@ibsu.edu.ge
Address: D. Aghmashenebeli alley 13 km, #2, Tbilisi, 0131.