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UniAgents European Education Summit 2017


UniAgents European Education Summit 2017 was held in Debrecen, Hungary, Oct 24-26th. There were 177 participants, from which 49 were university representatives from Poland, Hungary, Czech republic, Spain, Germany, Denmark, France, UK, India, Ukraine, etc., 5 high schools from Hungary, Brazil and Germany. 112 agents and consultants from Eastern Asia ( India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, Sri lanka) Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, etc.

Event was hosted by University of Debrecen. Had an opportunity to meet 43 different agents and consultants through out the day, as well as several universities. There were several very good agencies who do solid work and could be great opportunity for IBSU to attract more international students from that area of Asia. We are already Speaking with several of them and trying to build partnerships.

the most exciting thing was to speak with university representatives who are eager to create bilateral and possibly Erasmus + opportunities for the students. they liked profile of IBSU and would love to create those relations. Very positive feedback. Several of them spoke about possibility to visit Tbilisi and IBSU. Besides that created some relations with other university representatives to put IBSU on the European map of universities.