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Economics (Georgian Language)


Program Objective

The goal of the program is to train specialists who will have a broad knowledge of economic theories, principles, models, and economic policies and will be competitive both in local and international labor markets and to continue their studies at the next level of education; Students should develop the ability to use the theoretical knowledge gained in the field of economics in practical activities, to collect data about current processes at different levels (micro, macro, international), explain, analyze, formulate conclusions and make reasoned economic decisions; Students should be able to prepare a research or practical works about current processes in the field of economics in accordance with predetermined guidelines and present it effectively to the interested audience.


The bachelor’s program provides an excellent experience for those who plan to start a career in public and private enterprises, prepares those who wish to receive post-baccalaureate education in the field of economics. In particular, graduates of the bachelor’s program in economics will have an opportunity to be employed in governmental bodies, such as the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Finance, economic departments of other organizations. In addition, graduates will be able to be employed in international and regional organizations, international and local non-governmental organizations specializing in economics, scientific research centers that study the main economic trends, educational institutions, banks and private companies. They will be able to continue their studies at the master’s level.

Prerequisite for Admission to the Program

Enrollment of the student in the undergraduate educational program is carried out according to the procedure established by the legislation of Georgia – on the basis of the unified national exams results.

Main subjects to be passed: Georgian language, foreign language (German, English, Russian or French). The third subject to be passed is mathematics.

A person with a complete general education has the right to enroll in a bachelor’s educational program. In the cases stipulated by the legislation, enrollment is possible in accordance with the rules established by the legislation, without passing the unified national exams. Conditions for admission to the program for foreign citizens can be found at the link – (https://iro.ibsu.edu.ge/en/home

Note: Enrollment of foreign citizens is carried out according to the rules established by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia (see detailed information at the following link https://iro.ibsu.edu.ge/en/page/admissions).

Tuition Fee

  • For citizens of Georgia: 2460 GEL
  • For foreign citizens: 9900 GEL

Note! The internal grants and benefits system of the university does not apply to the economics program tuition fees.

Awarded qualifications: Bachelor of Economics

Instruction language: Georgian

Duration and credits: 4 years, the university uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS): 1 credit = 25 hours, covering both contact and independent student work hours. The amount of credits provided by the program is 240 credits.

Contact Information:

Head of the program: Affiliated Associate Professor Azer Dilanchiev.

E-mail: adilanchiev@ibsu.ge

Phone: +995 599 975 972

Room: A 317