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Autumn Legend 2019 Time for your discovery!


If you are talented, or you love literature – Tbilisi State University and Company Silknet offers student literary contest “The Legend of Autumn”.

Students from all cycles and from all higher educational institutions of Georgia can apply for the competition.

The final round of the competition will be held in Tsinandali, on the territory of Chavchavadze House Museum. Tsinandali’s unique garden is the current year’s concept of legend. The green template –  synthesis of beauty, comfort and function.

Stage I – Internal Selection Tour

For participation, please fill application form and attach the work to the following link: https://forms.gle/Qc888SvXp6AT7aff7

Deadline is October 13.

The prose work must be a short story or a novel (can be a part from a large text), it should be printed, the volume should be one and not more than three pages in length; The genre and theme are unconstrained.

The university jury will select 10 finalists. The finalists will participate in the main competition – improvisational tour.

Winners will get Tbilisi State University finanial award and Silknet Company‘s prize:

I place – 1000 GEL and Contest Symbol

II place – 700 GEL

III place – 500 GEL

For further information contact:


2 21 23 91