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Programming with C# and Windows Forms Applications


Trainer: Nino Grigoryan

A sophomore student of the Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering. Works as a student assistant at the faculty. Has been involved in various social and educational activities, such as Computer Science and Engineering Week. Was one of the winners of Hackathon 2017 organized by DAAD.

Trainer: Nika Narushvili

A sophomore student of the Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering.  Was one of the winners of Hackathon 2017 organized by DAAD. Took participation in Winter Olympiad of 2017 in Informatics in the South Caucasus region and his team took the first place. Works as a student assistant at the faculty. Was one of the trainers in the recent Computer Science and Engineering Week. 

Registration for this course is closed because the registration quota was reached.

Course aim

C# is a widely used programming language developed by Microsoft. Throughout the course, the students will study the fundamentals of programming techniques, they will go through all the basics, have laboratory works and will be able to write simple applications on their own. In the end of the course, with the knowledge that students gathered we will create a game where the player has to match icons.

Subject covered

  • Introduction to programming languages
  • Basic data types
  • Simple arithmetic operations
  • Conditional operators
  • Loops
  • Arrays,Lists
  • Simple windows forms controls
  • Functions
  • Final project

Language of instruction

Georgian and English

Target group

9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders interested in this topic are eligible for this course.

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