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Heart of Georgia to the World Hackathon


IBSU, SRDI and Bridge Innovation and Development with the support of the Georgian Tourism Association proudly present: Heart of Georgia to the World Hackathon coming up on 1-3 March.

Heart of Georgia to the World is an exclusive 33 hour hackathon to develop a high-fidelity prototype website dedicated to community based sustainable tourism in Georgia concentrating on two communities, Nukriani and Kazbegi. The prototype will be used to build a production version and included as part of a Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program portal that will be home to communities where travelers can have an immersive, unique experience away from mass tourism routes. The hackathon is open to 3rd, 4th and graduate students of programming and design, tourism and business/marketing. You should have experience in front-end / back-end / design / analytics / product management / digital marketing / tourism.
So, gather together up to five team members and take part to develop a unique platform exclusively for rural communities in Georgia which will benefit from travellers who want to see, taste and learn about traditions and history that mass tourism ignores. Your unique designs will allow small communities to organize to protect their environment, preserve traditions and improve livelihoods.
The winner will spend two nights on a BSST community tour of Nukriani or Kazbegi plus, team members will be eligible to complete the production version of their creation under contract with SRDI.