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IBSU Architecture English Language Program Receives Seven-Year Accreditation by the Accreditation Board


The undergraduate program in Architecture of the International Black Sea University, which is the only English-language program in Georgia, has been awarded a seven-year accreditation by the decision of the Accreditation Council of the National Quality Development Center.

The aim of the educational program is to prepare a bachelor of architecture with the necessary theoretical knowledge and skills necessary for the profession of an architect and to provide students with practical experience in various public and private organizations.

“We worked on the academic and administrative aspects with the lecturers involved in the program. We have also considered the opinions and advice of several European School of Architecture professors and potential employers. Anyone who has a secondary education and successfully passes the Unified National Examinations can become a student of the undergraduate program. A third elective may be mathematics or physics. The entrant will also be required to submit the graphic works already performed by him, ”said the head of the program, Professor Giorgi Tsanatskhenishvili.

He said so far the program has had 4-year accreditation and will soon have graduates as well. “Foreign students are very interested in the English-language bachelor program in architecture, therefore more than half of the students in the program are foreigners. Georgian students who successfully master the profession in English have a chance to get involved and be employed in international project organizations, “- said Giorgi Tsanatskhenishvili.

The English-language program of architecture at the International University of the Black Sea has existed since 2018.