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PAICKT Representatives visit at IBSU


4th of April, 2019 PAICKT (Project of Academic Integrity in the Caucasus, Kazakhstan and Turkey) Representatives visited International Black Sea University. Administrative and Academic Staff Members of the Faculty of Business Management, Director of IPS (Institute of Postgraduate Studies) and Program Coordinators hosted the guests and had very interested meeting about the plagiarism and academic integrity issues.

The Project of Academic Integrity in the Caucasus, Kazakhstan and Turkey is exploring perceptions and understanding about policies and procedures for supporting academic integrity and deterring and managing student plagiarism and academic dishonesty. One of the main parts of the project is to collect information from students, teachers and management from higher education institution in the region. These data are collected using questionnaires, interviews and focus groups.

The project focuses on Higher Education in the following countries:
Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey.
Objectives of PAICKT are:

• To identify and analyze policies and practices regarding plagiarism and academic integrity
• To identify gaps and challenges but also good examples and success stories that could be shared
• To sketch preliminary guidelines which could serve as a reference basis for promoting capacity building in higher education institutions and/or peer-learning on plagiarism

Target Groups of PAICKT are:

• Higher education students
• Academic (teaching) staff
• Senior managers responsible for quality and integrity
• National policymakers for higher education
• Quality assurance and standards agencies and researchers into aspects of academic integrity and quality assurance for higher education