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“School of Green Economics”


On July 23-25, Business Management Faculty is taking part in the project “School of Green Economics”. Project organizer is NGO CENN, which is working on environmental issues, project supporters are Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, National Forestry Agency and Austrian Development Cooperation.

The project aims to connect the university resources with state and international economic programs aiming at the development of small business and local economy.

In the project participate 20 students from 6 different universities of Georgia, including three students form Business Management Faculty of IBSU. Within the framework of the project students will be trained and distributed in the regions of Georgia for developing national business plans and models concentrated on usage of forest resources in families, private sector, municipal or national scale. Winning business models will be funded within the project.

For supporting sustainable development goals and “Green School” the project organizer CENN, participating universities and the project supporting organizations have signed the comprehensive cooperation Memorandum.