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Workshop of Professor of Dresden University of Applied Sciences to be held at IBSU


Mario Nygebauer, a professor at the University of Dresden University of Applied Sciences, will conduct a seminar on the Telepresence Robot for undergraduate and graduate students in the Computer Science program on September 13-24.

For the workshop it is planned to come with six Master-students from the HTW Dresden to the IBSU for one week, September 20th to 24th. Prior to the visit of the German students the workshop will start at September 13th in an online mode. In the first week both teams from IBSU and HTW Dresden will work in their home universities. Online lectures and joint sessions will get the participants up to speed for the development and research tasks.

The main topic of the joint workshop will be the development and enhancement of a Telepresence Robot. It is based on an Arduino, a Raspberry Pi and some sensors which are connected serving for the orientation and navigation of the robot. Development of Apps for Android Devices will also be part of the workshop in order to setup a communication with the telepresence robot.

Description of the workshop:

– Development/Enhancement of a Telepresence Robot

– Knowledge and Experience in at least one of the languages (Java, Python, C)

– Knowledge in Distributed Systems and Internet Technologies (HTTP, TCP/IP)

– Willing to work with internet technologies, Arduino, Raspberry Pi

– Willing to work in international setting with German university

The tentative timeframe for the workshop:

– Kickoff at September 13th

– Work in each university from September 13th to 17th

– Arrival of the German student group on September 18th or 19th

– Work together with incoming German students from September 20th to 24th

– Networking with German students during the time of workshop

Workshop is designed for the Bachelor Senior Students and Master students.


Interested candidates please send the following information for registration till the end of this week 10thof September to the following emails:



Information for registration:


Year of study:

Student number:


About Speaker: Prof. Mario Neugebauer has been teaching at HTW Dresden (University of Applied Sciences) in the field of Adaptive Portable Systems since 2019. His main topics in teaching and research are the development of mobile applications, wireless networks and robotics. Before joining HTW Dresden, he worked for five years at FH Zwickau (University of Applied Sciences) and one year at FH Jena. His professional career began after graduation at SAP Research, where he worked on the Internet of Things for business application systems. Prof. Neugebauer is co-founder of three companies active in the areas of Internet of Things, Innovative Web Applications and Robotics.