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Tamta Chkhenkeli

“I believe that each student should lead an active lifestyle in order to become professionals in their industry. I began participating in numerous initiatives, trainings, and conferences shortly after starting university. I was able to attend one of the greatest international conferences, Erasmus Generation Meeting 2022, in Porto, Portugal, thanks to volunteer work with the non-governmental organization Erasmus Student Network Tbilisi and financial help from the International Black Sea International University.
 The conference lasted four days. Numerous sessions were presented throughout the conference on topics directly connected to students, their education, and employment prospects. I’d like to highlight the Career Fair and Mobility Fair, where hundreds of international participants learned about international colleges and enterprises. Students can pursue higher education in the country and university of their choosing thanks to the Mobility Fair.
The Erasmus Generation Meeting (EGM) has demonstrated Georgia’s worldwide potential and the strong interest foreign students have in studying in our country.
I’d want to express my gratitude to the International Black Sea University and Kutaisi City Hall for their assistance.”