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Public Administration and State Governance

Law and State Governance School

Program Description

The aim of the bachelor’s program in public administration and state governance is to provide students with contemporary knowledge and appropriate qualifications in the field of functioning of various state structures. The purpose of the program is to prepare qualified civil servants for various relevant state and private structures, future heads of the above-mentioned institutions for effective and successful functioning in the modern environment, so that they have the knowledge and skills through which they can successfully overcome the difficulties they face, pass the relevant qualifying exams.

During the learning process, a lot of attention is paid to the study of theoretical and practical issues in the field of public administration, the study of government institutions activities, a detailed analysis of the legislation in the relevant fields of Georgia and foreign countries, functions of various state structures, etc. Also, a detailed analysis of historical, legal, political, economic, psychological and other aspects related to public administration will be studied. Activities in the mentioned field allow students to become modern civil servants.

The program gives students an opportunity to develop respect for social, ethical and moral values, decision-making and communication skills, knowledge and skills necessary for a professional career.

Prerequisites for Program Admission

The student will be admitted to the program according to the rules established by the legislation of Georgia. A person with a complete general education has the right to study at a bachelor’s educational program. A prerequisite for admission to the program is passing the unified national exams.

Main subjects to be passed: Georgian language, foreign language (German, English, Russian or French). The third subject to be admitted is history or geography or civic education or mathematics. Enrollment of citizens of foreign countries is done in accordance with the rules established by the legislation, without uniform national exams.

Georgian citizens are admitted to the IBSU undergraduate program if they have successfully passed the unified national exams (see the following link for detailed information: www.naec.ge). Enrollment of international applicants is carried out according to the procedure established by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia (see detailed information: www.iro.ibsu.edu.ge/en/page/admissions). Enrollment on a basis of mobility is carried out twice a year. Internal mobility is carried out in the terms determined by the order of the rector of the university (see detailed information: www.ibsu.edu.ge). External mobility is carried out by the National Center for the Development of Education Quality (see detailed information: www.eqe.ge).

Field of Employment

The public sector is considered to be the most relevant field of employment for graduates after completing the bachelor’s program in public administration and state governance. In particular, state agencies at the central or local levels, including executive and administrative branches of governmental bodies. Since the program provides students not only with field specific knowledge, but also focuses on general issues such as management, organizational behavior, project management, budgeting, etc., the area of employment of the graduates of the program is not only public and non-governmental sector, but international organizations and private companies as well.

Qualifications to be awarded: Academic degree of Bachelor of Public Administration

Instruction language: Georgian

Tuition fee: 4590 GEL

Contact Information

E-mail: tkakutia@ibsu.edu.ge, kmarkozashvili@ibsu.edu.ge

Tel: + 995 322 800 064

Address: N2, Davit Agmashenebeli alley 13th km, 0130 Tbilisi, Georgia

Room: # 307