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Practical law course – “Street Law”

Law and State Governance School

Practical law course – “Street Law

For students of general educational institutions

Practical law course – “Street Law” is the program of the Law Faculty of International Black Sea University, which aims to raise awareness of the students of general educational institutions regarding actual legal problems. It also aims to improve the demonstrative skills of students registered on practical component in legal clinic.

Students involved in the program are trained by Professor-teachers, meaning they are specially retrained in particular areas of the law; It also ensures preparing materials for specific audience and developing and improving their professional skills by making presentations. Students choose target group, prepare action plan for this group, ensure providing necessary information about actual legal problems with simple and easily-understandable language. Students of the clinic will be involved in the course of the lectures, plan and hold informational meetings for the students of general educational institutions.

Practical law course

  • Helps students to strengthen theoretical knowledge and improve the ability to use it in practice;
  • Using chosen profession to solve practical tasks;
  • To check readiness of student for independent work in modern terms of requirements.

The aim of the Practical law course for students of general educational institutions is to promote the formation of active civil society where people attain self-realization in relationships.