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Library Regulations

1. Library Regulations

This regulation was developed in accordance with the Law of Georgia on Library Affairs, the General Scheme of the Georgian National Library and the university’s internal standard. This document defines the general regulations of the library, its functions and rights, rules for the resources management, information on the maintenance / development of funds, norms for electronic databases, functions and responsibilities of the structural units of the library, staff job descriptions.

2. General provision

2.1 The International Black Sea University’s Library is an educational unit that provides bachelor, masters, doctoral students and academic staff with all types of print and electronic resources. The library has all the necessary educational resources since the University was established (1995), possessing up to 25,000 items of print and up to 700 electronic resources.

2.2 The library is equipped with all the necessary technical means which makes the learning process flexible and convenient.

2.3 The International Black Sea University Library is a structural unit of the University that operates within the framework of the University’s goals of and under corresponding state regulations.

2.4 The library provides the reader with all the necessary information through the web-site (https://www.ibsu.edu.ge/library/) and a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/IBSU-Library-909482809159651).

2.5 The library serves the students, academic or administrative staff of the International Black Sea University and contributes to its development.

2.6 Objectives of the Library

2.6 The purpose of the library is to facilitate the development of the learning process.

2.7 Introduce and develop modern research methods.

2.8 Transform the traditional library environment into a modern digital information center, where students, researchers and all interested parties will be able to benefit from the library’s resources.

2.9 The purpose of the library is to cooperate with library associations at the national or international levels, to exchange resources and to follow the relevant updates on a regular basis.

2.10 The long-term goal of the library is to create a new, international standard library space which will be fully equipped with all the necessary materials and technical means.

3. Functions of the Library

3.1 Organize, place and publish collections in the library fund.

3.2 Creating an appropriate, innovative environment to facilitate the learning process.

3.3 Provide adequate services to readers during critical periods (unforeseen political-social distress, accidents, pandemics, etc.).

3.4 Providing readers with new updates regarding the library affairs through both – Facebook and the web-site.

3.5 Cooperating with library associations, both within the country and abroad, in order to share knowledge and experience.

3.6 Registering and writing off amortized and unused literature.

3.7 Replacement of lost or unusable literature with relevant items.

3.8 Digitization of required training materials for training purposes only for internal users.

3.9 Quick processing of literature, making inventory, inclusion in the e-catalog and convenient placement.

3.10 Classification of the Fund according to the internationally recognized Dewey Classification.

3.11 Continuous updating / enrichment of funds to match training syllabi.

3.12 Procurement of relevant scientific journals and databases for learning, introduction to the public, conducting trainings.

4. Library structure

  • The library has a librarian appointed by the rector.
  • Librarian – staff required to catalog and work in the library service if necessary.
  • Assistant – A part-time student who works part-time and studies library business.
  • Copier / Scanner Unit – responsible for digitizing or reproducing resources to simplify the learning process by following the appropriate rules.

5. Library budget

  • At the beginning of each academic year, the head of the library presents the necessary budget for the next academic year to the rector of the university and the management team.
  • The budget submitted by the head of the library is specified and approved by the higher authorities.