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1. Terms of use

Taking books outside or in the hall is only possible for IBSU students and academic or administrative staff. To do this, contact the librarian or fill in the form of an electronic order. Follow the deadlines. Literature may not be issued for home usage (only in small quantities), be careful. In case of damage or loss of the book you will have to replace it with the same book or in some cases books of the same value. Bring your ID card or student card with you to use the library services. Take care of the inventory.

2. Ordering a book

If you wish to order a book, please send us your email: library@ibsu.edu.ge in order to request it.

3. Interlibrary service

If we do not have the literature you requested from the stock, you may request the interlibrary service. We will provide it from your partner libraries and put it in stock for 1 week. Please note that some literature (e.g. rarity, single copy, etc.) is in repositories that do not come out of the library, otherwise it will be available to you. To subscribe to this service, write us an e-mail and indicate “Interlibrary Service” to the following address: library@ibsu.edu.ge

4. Ask the librarian

Any questions related to book search, article search or international databases can be sent to us via library@ibsu.edu.ge, after processing the relevant information you will receive our reply or a meeting with the librarian will be scheduled.

5. Space for group work

In case you want to book a room for group work, it is necessary to inform us in advance so as not to overload the space. Note that the number of group members should not exceed 5 people. It is possible to accommodate 4 groups at a time within the space.

6. Copy / print

If you want to order a copy without leaving home, you can write an e-mail, after checking the literature and confirming the payment by e-mail, you can use the service. Contact us: library@ibsu.edu.ge