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Candidates for master’s degree who are citizens of Georgia are required the following:

  • Bachelor’s or equivalent academic degree;
  • Successfully passing the general master’s exam;
  • Passing internal-university exams in the specialty;
  • Passing the B2 level foreign language internal-university exam;

Please, consider the following!

  • Applicants who have an international certificate proving their knowledge of a foreign language at the B2 level are exempted from passing the foreign language exam;
  • Candidates who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in the English language program at the Black Sea International University in the last 3 years are exempted from passing the English language test. Enrollment in this category of students will be done only on the basis of the results of field tests and interviews. And if the period after completing the bachelor’s program exceeds 3 years, the candidate is required to pass the specialty and English language test.
  • In case of equal points and in contest conditions, the GPA of the master’s degree candidate is considered.
  • Exam(s) in the specialty are conducted in the program instruction language.

This rule states that studying without passing the general master’s exams is permitted:
a) for candidates seeking master’s degrees who have received documentation from a foreign higher educational institution attesting to their academic standing;
b) for foreign nationals who, with the exception of those enrolled in joint higher education programs, studied abroad and obtained credits or qualifications toward a master’s degree from a higher education
institution accredited by this country’s laws;
b 1 ) For Georgian citizens enrolled in master’s degree programs at higher education institutions recognized by this country’s laws, who have lived, studied, and received credits or qualifications abroad for at least 75 days during one semester (excluding students in exchange programs and joint higher education programs); (See the requirements defined by the subsection D1; of Article 2, Clause 9 of the above-mentioned rule)
c) for master’s degree candidates who were enrolled in a higher educational institution without passing the unified national exams in accordance with the right to study; (see the first paragraph of Article 2 of the above-mentioned rule);
d) for foreign nationals who, prior to the enactment of Georgia’s Law On Higher Education were granted permission to continue their education at a higher education institution in Georgia and possess a document attesting to their completion of higher education that has been approved by the state of Georgia.

Electronic registration/receipt of documents

Candidates for master’s degree must register to attend the desired program and also send the necessary documentation to the e-mail address of the master’s and doctoral school: Email: tamarmshvidobadze@ibsu.edu.ge


Master’s programs:
1 – US Foreign Relations – (English Sector) – Registration

2 – Education Administration (English Sector) – Registration

3 – Education Administration (Georgian sector) – Registration

4 – Marketing(English Sector) – Registration

5 – Management(English Sector) – Registration

6 – Finances (English sector) – Registration

7 – Finances (Georgian sector) – Registration

8 – Digital media and communication (Georgian sector) – Registration

9 – International Relations (English Sector) – Registration

10 – Computer Science (English Sector) – Registration

11- Management and Computer Science(English Sector) – Registration

12 – Comparative Commercial Law (Georgian program with English components) – Registration


The link to see the topics of entrance exams for master’s programs:


List of documents:

  1. Application form – (Download and fill the indicated file);
  2. Two photographs, 3X4 (in printed and electronic form);A copy of the passport, in the absence of such, a copy of the identity card;
  3. Notarized copies of the document confirming higher education (diploma) and the appendix, or the certificate issued by the relevant higher education institution on the awarding of the corresponding degree and the mark sheet; (in the case of the diploma issued by the International Black Sea University, notarization of copies is not mandatory)
  4. In case of receiving higher education in a foreign country, notarized translations of the diploma and appendix and a document recognizing the education received abroad.
  5. Copy of identification card/passport (for citizens of a foreign country – notarized translation);
  6. International certificate proving knowledge of a foreign language/a document confirming the academic degree awarded as a result of the completion of a foreign language program – diploma and appendix (if any);
  7. A document confirming being on military registration by a person subject to military registration in accordance with the law;
  8. Common Matriculation Examination Card;
  9. Letter of motivation (for “Management and Computer Science” program applicants only, along with other listed documents).

Admission of International Students:

In the Subject field, indicate the program on which you intend to continue your studies. Incompletely uploaded documents will not be considered! After the publication of the final results, at the time of signing the contract, you must submit the requested documentation to the university in printed form.


Attention! Management and Computer Science program applicants!

The “Management and Computer Science” master’s program has a prerequisite for admission to the program: an applicant wishing to study in this program must have a bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields or related fields:

  • Management
  • Computer science
  • Information technologies
  • Business Administration
  • International relations
  • Linguistics

Applicants who have work experience in any of the listed fields or have a recognized international certificate confirming that they have the appropriate competence to continue their studies will be admitted to this program. The “Management and Computer Sciences” program does not require a specialty exam (only interview). See the link for more information about this program


Schedule of internal university examinations for admission to master’s programs

For applicants registered in stage I

Written exams:
1. English language: September 4 – 18:00 (study building B, First Floor)
2. Specialty: September 5 – 6:00 p.m. (educational building B, first floor)
3. Additional (written) exams will be held in specialty on 6 September, at 18:00. Educational building B, first floor. (For those who have applied for two programs)
Interview: September 6-7 (only for “Management and Computer Sciences” program).

In case of additional questions, please contact us!

Email:  tamarmshvidobadze@ibsu.edu.ge

Tuition fee for English MA programs: 4500 GEL

  • Candidates registering between 20 and 31 August and signing a contract between 11 and 16 September will receive a 30% discount.
  • Candidates registering between 11 and 18 September and signing a contract between 25 and 27 September will receive a 15% discount.

Deadlines for applying to master’s programs for the academic year 2023–2024:

20-31 August Registration, documents submission
4 September English language test
5 September Specialized test
7 September Results (website)
7 – 8 September Appeal
9 September Final results (website)
11-16 September Contract signing

30% discount 

11-18 September Registration, documents submission
19 September English language test
20 September Specialized test
22 September Results (website)
22-23 September Appeal
25 September Final results (website)
25-27 September Contract signing

15% discount 

28-29 September Issue of enrollment order