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Scientific News

The presentation of scientific literature published by the university within the last two years took place at the International Black Sea University.


Today, the presentation of scientific literature published by the university within the last two years took place at the International Black Sea University.

The following editions were presented at the event:

Empires and Imperialism; Eka Avaliani; 2021

 Turkey’s foreign policy (Part I); Zaur Mchedlishvili; 2021

 Turkey’s foreign policy (Part II); Zaur Mchedlishvili; 2022

 Fundamentals of Law, second edition; Malkhaz Chakhnashvili (Georgian, English); 2021

 15th International Silk Road Conference Proceedings; 2020

 16 th International Silk Road Conference Proceedings; 2021

 IRCEELT Proceedings Book; 2020

 IRCEELT Proceedings Book; 2021

 Collection of Tests and Court Practice in Georgian Administrative Law; Nino Kharati, Zurab Aznaurashvili, Nika Asvanua, Tamar Devdariani; 2022.

The event was attended by the authors of the publications, rector of the university, Dr. Saffet Bayraktuthan, chancellor Ekrem Dindarol, representatives of the university administration and the academic units. The meeting was chaired by Givi Amaglobeli, representative of the Conferences and Publications unit of the university.

The presentation was opened by the rector of the university, who thanked the authors for such an important activity. According to the rector’s assessment, scientific and publishing work is a crucial direction for the university and IBSU is truly distinguished by the abundance of high quality academic publications.

At the opening, the authors of scientific works gave information their books and the process of their preparation and as thanked the university management for their support.

At the end of the meeting, a discussion was held between the authors and the attending public.

At the same event, Elizabet Demurov, a sophomore student of the IBSU Architecture program, who worked on the interior design of the renovated university library, was awarded with a certificate and memorabilia. As the rector noted, it is symbolic to simultaneously carry out the presentation of scientific works and student awarding, since in the future, the renovated library will become the center of scientific and publishing activities and the publications will also be stored in the IBSU library for the first time.