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American Studies


About Program

American Studies an only English Bachelor program, opened in 2002 as as result of cooperation with the U.S. Embassy first time in Georgia at the International Black Sea University, gives chance to Georgian, as well as foreign students to acquire Western type multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education about the United States envisaging Georgian requiremetns. The aim of the program is to expose students to different aspects of American life from diachronic, as well as synchronic standpoint. The courses of this unique program are delivered by highly qualified Georgian and American outstanding professors and Fulbright scholars from the well-known American Universities invited specially for the program by the U.S. Embassy in Georgia.

Minor Program in Translation. Translation Studies in Georgia is a highly demanded area, which is conditioned by the fact that there is a need for Georgia to establish close business, educational, cultural, trade, military and other types of relations with foreign countries, NATO, EU and similar intrenational organizations. Respectively, educational institutions face completely new challenges. This led to opening a new minor program in translation studies at the American Studies Program with the view of educating translator-interpreters who will be able to freely and efficiently do written, oral, simultaneous translation that is highly demanded by the U.S. Embassy in Georgia, where American Studies program students undergo internship and have an employment chance.

Minor Program in American Pop Culture and Public Relations (PR): Provided that the American founder of the public relations education Rax Harlou, the pioneer of this field, has actually established the present-day Public Relations Society Association (PRSA), it was considered reasonable to integrate the Public Relations minor within the American Studies program.
The minor differs from other public relations minor programs:
– It is the only public relations minor in Georgia conducted in the English language at the International Black Sea University;
– It is integrated with the American Studies BA program at the International Black Sea University which determines its unique nature.


– Georgian citizens are admitted to the program by passing Unified National Exams (detailed information is available at abiturienti.ibsu.edu.ge and www.naec.ge).
– International applicants are admitted to the program by the rules set by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia (detailed information is available at https://iro.ibsu.edu.ge/en/page/admissions).
– Enrolment via mobility is available twice a year. Internal mobility is conducted within a time period set by National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (detailed information is available at eqe.ge). External mobility is conducted by the rules set by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia (detailed information is available at: www.mes.gov.ge).

Career Opportunities

The program provides students with opportunities for academic and carrier promotion in such organizations, as: embassies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, offices of public relations, State Administrative Body, departmetns of culture, banks, NGO-s, Parliament, museums, Archives, etc. Besides, B.A. Degree Program in American Studies is a solid basis for further scholarly studies at M.A. and Ph.D. programs not only in Georgia, but European and American universities.

Tuition fees

Local Students : 2540 GEL
International Students : 7800 GEL

Awarded Qualification: Bachelor in American Studies
Language of Instruction: English
Information about scholarships and discounts are available at: https://ibsu.edu.ge/ge/internal-grants/


Email: sseduhum@ibsu.edu.ge
Phone: +995 32 2595006 (145)
Mob: (+995) 593 50 41 06
Address: 2, David Agmashenebeli Alley,
13th km. Tbilisi, 0131, Georgia
Room: # A 302