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Education Sciences

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Program Description

The pivotal purpose of the program is to equip graduates with a multifaceted skill set: a profound understanding and practical application of education theories for problem-solving, effective communication with peers and society, and modern teaching and assessment techniques; proficiency in research, active participation in research, ongoing professional growth, and supervision of others' research endeavors using cutting-edge methodologies; developing a student-centered and humanistic approach; and the capacity to introduce evidence-based innovations and disseminate this knowledge within the educational sphere and beyond.



According to Georgian legislation, the candidate should have a Master’s degree or a degree equal to it.

Admission of International Students: www.iro.ibsu.edu.ge


Educational Background

The program requires either a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in the Education / Psychology / Philology field, or a one-year 60-credit teacher-training certificate.


Working Experience

The candidates should have at least two years of experience in teaching or working in the education field.


Scientific/Research Background

The candidates should submit at least one published article in the scientific journal/ conference proceedings in the area of the studies. The article should be written in English.


Language Requirement

The candidate should have the C1 level in the English language according to the Common European Framework of Reference, which should be documented by the International Certificate (FCE (A grade), CAE, IELTS-7.0, TOEFL iBT-95, CERTUS, etc.) or by the Master’s Diploma (delivered in English).


Dissertation Proposal

The candidate is requested to submit a dissertation proposal, which aims to check the candidate’s research potential. The written dissertation proposal is evaluated by the Dissertation Field Board.


Assessment criteria for the dissertation proposal

1. Title: neither too narrow nor too wide; terms used adequately; sounds contemporary.
2. Significance and Novelty: the topic is contemporary and less studied; the potential of novelty and value is presented.
3. Theoretical and Practical Value: It presents how the research can impact the field.
4. Literature Review: presents main achievements and names; reference list includes at least 10 important titles.
5. Research Questions / Hypotheses are original and well-formulated.
6. Research Methods are adequate to the topic and well defined.
7. Academic and Clear Language
The 7 items are evaluated according to the following criteria: Acceptable- 3 points, Acceptable, but requires minor changes- 2 points, Acceptable, but requires major changes-1 point, Unacceptable- 0 points. The maximum point is 21. The candidate needs at least 11 points to be admitted to the interview.



The Dissertation Field Board interviews the candidate.

Interview / oral presentation: reveals a good knowledge of the topic, arguments for any point from the proposal.
The assessment criteria are: Excellent- 3 points, Good- 2 points, Satisfactory- 1 points, Dissatisfactory- 0 points.
The candidate who obtains at least 1 point from the oral interview will be admitted.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program can work in governmental and non-governmental educational organizations or be researchers in education sciences.  Besides, they can work as lecturers or administration in higher education institutions.


Awarded Qualification:  Doctor of Educatıon Scıences

Language of Instruction: English
Program Duration: 3 years (180 ECTS)
Tuition Fee for Georgian Citizens: 3540 GEL
Tuition Fee for International Students: 4500 USD


Head of the Program: Prof. Dr. Ekaterine Pipia
E-Mail: ekapipia@ibsu.edu.ge
Tel: (+995 32) 2 800 064 (141)

Room: A305