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Education Sciences

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Program Description

The program aims to educate highly-qualified academics, leaders of education, involved in teaching education field and/or English language instruction courses, as well as in administration and research work, who are aware of education theories and practice, can apply practically the studied theories, promote change and development, solve problems, communicate with colleagues and society at large on educational topics, teach and assess students’ knowledge by applying contemporary methods.

The goal incorporates the following objectives: Graduates have:

  • Knowledge and comprehension of education theories and practice, as well as the capacity to practically apply the studied theories, in order to solve problems, communicate with colleagues and society at large on educational topics, to teach and assess students’ knowledge by applying contemporary methods;
  • Research skills, including the ability to critically analyze the studied theories, to participate in research, maintain professional development, and supervise others’ research, applying the newest methods;
  • A student-centered and humanistic platform in didactics and educational psychology;
  • The ability to implement scientifically-based innovations and to share the knowledge about them in educational and wider society.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program can work in governmental and non-governmental educational organizations or be researchers in education sciences.  Besides, they can work as lecturers or administration in higher education institutions.

Admission to the Program

  • According to Georgian legislation, the candidate for studying at this program should have a Master’s degree or a degree equal to it.
  • To provide the background knowledge necessary for the program, the requirement of the program is to have either a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in Education / Psychology / English Philology  field, or a one-year 60 credit teacher-training certificate.
  • The candidates should have at least one year of experience in teaching or working in the education field. The candidates to the program should also submit a published article (including conference proceedings) in the area of the studies.
  • According to University regulations, the candidate should have the C1 level in English, which is certified by an international certificate of the corresponding level or by education at a Master’s program delivered in English.
  • The candidate may also take the English Language Placement Test at IBSU.
  • Also according to University regulations, the candidate to the program has to submit a dissertation proposal, the correspondence of which to the program requirements is assessed by a Dissertation Field Board commission consisting of minimum three people according to the rubric below, afterwards an interview based on the proposal is held. The maximum number of yearly admission is 12 people.

Admission of International Students: www.iro.ibsu.edu.ge

Tuition Fee

For Georgian Citizens: 3540 GEL
For International Students: 9900 GEL

If you are an IBSU PhD student, you will study a PhD program for free if you have one of the following certifications:

  • GMAT minimum score 550 – for PhD in Business Administration;
  • IELTS minimum Score 7.5, CAE, CPE – for Doctoral Programs in American Studies and Educational Sciences;
  • GRE minimum score 155 – for the PhD program in Computer Science.


Special term

In case of having any of the above certificates, you should apply to the University Educational Process Management Service with the necessary documentation. If you do not submit the corresponding application by the end of the registration week, you will automatically lose the right to get a discount in the relevant semester.


Degree awarded:  Doctor of Education Sciences
Language of Instruction: English
Duration and Credits: 3 years, 60 ECTS


Contact Information

Program Coordinator: Prof. Dr.  Ekaterine Pipia
Graduate School
E-Mail:  graduateschool@ibsu.edu.ge
Tel: (+995 32) 2595006 (151)