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US Foreign Affairs (English Language)

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Program Description

The only English U.S. foreign affairs master program is the continuation of the Bachelor American Studies multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary program opened first time in Georgia at the International Black Sea University (IBSU) in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy. The uniqueness of interdisciplinary and the multidisciplinary American Studies BA program involving a wide scope of humanitarian disciplines and the students’ great interest in American History and Politics encouraged us to create the master’s program in U.S. Foreign Affairs, that will deepen the knowledge of courses: American History, Politics, American Culture, and Society and provide a more fundamental study of the U.S. domestic and foreign policy issues, linked to unique immigration historic past.

Program Advantages

Our conceptual framework will allow students to utilize relevant theories effectively and our placement of contemporary debates in their historical context.
The mission of the program is to enable students both to see and to assess the forces underlying continuity and change in American foreign policy. Courses included in the program will provide conceptual, theoretical, and historical components appropriate for students to do theoretical research in American Foreign Affairs.

Student Exchange

According to Agreements with IBSU partner universities  students have  an opportunity to participate in various international  exchange programs.

Career Opportunities

Involvement in the diplomatic activity at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or at the International Relations or other appropriate Departments at the different Ministries and Municipal bodies, scientific researches, administrative personnel in the field of International relations.
Embassies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (American Department), offices of Public Relations, departments of culture, government, Parliament, Museums of History, Archives, committees of foreign relations, universities, NGO-s.

Admission to the Program 

Candidates for master’s degree who are citizens of Georgia are required the following to be admitted to the program:

  • Bachelor’s or equivalent academic degree;
  • successfully passing the general master’s exam;
  • Passing intra-university exams in the specialty;
  • Passing the B2 level foreign language intra-university exam;

Please, consider the following!

  • Applicants who have an international certificate proving their knowledge of a foreign language at the B2 level are exempted from passing the foreign language exam;
  • The applicant is exempted from passing the foreign language exam if he/she has completed a foreign language educational program;
  • For candidates who are not in Georgia, the admission exam(s) for the master’s program can be conducted online;
  • In case of equal points, the GPA of the master’s degree candidate is considered in terms of the contest conditions;
  • Exam(s) in the specialty are conducted in the program instruction language.

Required documents: 

  • Application form;
  • 2 photos (3X4) (printed and in electronic form);
  • Notarized copies of the diploma and the appendix, or the certificate issued by the relevant higher education institution on awarding the degree and a consolidated mark sheet (the IBSU diploma does not need to be notarized);
  • Applicants with higher education overseas should present notarized translations of the diploma and appendix, as well as documentation confirming their international education;
  • Copy of identification card/passport (for citizens of foreign countries – notarized translation);
  • An international certificate confirming the level of proficiency in a foreign language/a document confirming the academic degree obtained as a result of the completion of a foreign language program – diploma and appendix (if any);
  • A military registration document issued in accordance with law;
  • A Common Master’s Degree Exam Card.

Admission of International Students:


Language of Instruction: English
Program Duration: 2 years (120 ECTS)
Awarded Qualification: Master of American Studies

Tuition Fee

Citizens of Georgia: 4500 GEL

International students: 4500$


Grant System for MA Programmes:

Master’s candidates who sign the contract before August 31 and pay 950 GEL will get a 20% grant.

Note: If the master’s candidate does not enroll in IBSU, the mentioned amount will not be refunded; In case of enrollment, 950 GEL will be included in the tuition fee; If the master’s candidate fails the IBSU internal test, the corresponding money will be refunded.

If the master’s candidate achieves more than 80% of the maximum score in the unified master’s examinations or has a BA GPA of 3.3, he or she will get an annual grant of 1250 GEL (2500 GEL total).

Note: In this instance, a test will be given to acquire financing; the candidate must earn at least 80% of the maximum score.

 A 10% grant for graduates

*Only one grant (higher) is valid. (Not for IBSU grads).

*In addition to the 10% grant, IBSU graduates are eligible for criteria 1 and 2 of the grant scheme.


Contact Information

E-Mail: tamarmshvidobadze@ibsu.edu.ge

Tel:(+995 32) 2 800 064 (182)

Head of the Program: Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Tea Chumburidze