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Practical Seminar about Online Data Analysis (ODA) Platform

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

On May 24th practical seminar for students and administrative staff about Online Data Analysis (ODA) platform was organized by the Center for Political Research in partnership with the Caucasus Research Resources Center (CRRC) in Georgia. Activity was conducted by Rati Shubladze the Researcher at the Caucasus Research Resource Center.

CRRC-Georgia has developed the ODA to ease access to its rich empirical data about the South Caucasus. The tool was designed primarily for those who are not familiar with statistical software and lack sophisticated data analysis skills.

The workshop enabled participants to understand importance of data analysis; learn such terms as cross-country (Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia) and time-series (2008-2015) data analysis. Consequently, participants will be able to integrate statistical data easily into their researches. The workshop was practical, which means that during the seminar attendees were able to conduct all operations on the computer themselves.