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A great opportunity for future teachers


As we are the students of BA English Philology programme, International Black Sea University, we realize the importance of taking Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) , which is a test of the skills you need to be successful in teaching English to speakers of other languages. The courses of English Philology Programme give us an opportunity to get prepared for this exam.  The courses, such as Instructional Planning and Evaluation as well as Classroom Management focus on information which is essential to know in order to take the highest band in each module of the exam. The practical and theoretical knowledge gained during these courses helped us to take TKT, which gives us an internationally accepted qualification that proves our language-teaching abilities.

Sophomore, Junior and Senior students took TKT in December, 2015. The majority of students got the highest bands. Here are opinions of some participants:

Guranda Khabeishvili (Senior): I think that all students should use an opportunity given by the Faculty of Education and Humanities. The courses (including those which are specially designed to master teaching skills), helped me to get TKT. I personally believe that TKT is a great foundation for those who want to study for CELTA and DELTA in order to get a higher qualification in teaching English.

Berire Akca (Junior): I gained a lot of knowledge from the courses given by Faculty of Education and Humanities. I learned how to manage classroom and how to deal with classroom environment. TKT gives an international and a formal qualification to those who want to specialize in ELT. I believe that TKT is a very important for any teacher and teacher candidate who wants to become a better teacher.

Hilal Benli (Junior) – I think that everybody who wants to be a language teacher should get TKT. I gained a lot of information and experience during these courses. Then I decided to take TKT certificate with my lecturer’s advice. I believe that this certificate will help me and all of us in the future.

Recep Emre (Junior): For me as a future teacher, all the courses I have learnt so far, are so important. I gained valuable knowledge about teaching approaches, classroom management, lesson planning, etc. After studying these subjects, I wanted to give a try to take TKT. I have successfully passed module 2.

Sima Omarova (Sophomore): To become successful teachers we must be able to professionally solve various problems that occur in the classroom. For us as for future teachers it is important to learn all of the most significant aspects of teaching. Teaching Knowledge Test is one of the most important international exams in the sphere of pedagogy. The Faculty of Education and Humanities gave a great chance to those who wanted to achieve success in the ELT.

Lubov Grigoryan (Sophomore): I think that it is very important to develop some background for your future career while studying at university, and the courses we are taking give us an opportunity to get an international qualification. So, after graduating the university we will already have some advantages, such as TKT certificate.

Elnara Makhmudova (Sophomore): Speaking for myself, in the beginning I thought that it will be difficult to take TKT certificate, however, after I took the courses such as Instructional Planning and Evaluation and Classroom Management, provided by Faculty of Education and Humanities, I indeed got useful knowledge in this field; I gained confidence in myself and later on, when I learnt exam results, I was once again  convinced that these courses gave me really beneficial knowledge that helped me to get certificate. This exam offers a step in students’ professional development as teachers and enables them to move to higher-level teaching qualifications and it proves the importance of TKT.

Mariam Kurtanidze (Sophomore): From my point of view, TKT is ideal for people who want to prove their teaching knowledge; this is the reason why I considered to pass this exam to test my knowledge in specific areas of English language teaching. I gained a lot of knowledge for this exam by course such as Instructional Planning and Evaluation, which provides us useful lectures for this sphere. I admit that TKT exam is essential for current and future teachers who want to become successful.

Mariam Sulamanidze (Sophomore): TKT helps you to check your skills and abilities how you can create good classes. Learning Instructional planning and Evaluation gave us a big chance to learn many interesting and essential things what a successful teacher needs. I am a future teacher and passing this exam was like a challenge for me. I really wondered if I could pass and I did it. I am grateful of our university because it always gives us a chance to reach success and become real professionals.

Mariam Gelashvili (Sophomore): As for me it is a really valuable experience and opportunity to have a certificate in Teaching Knowledge Test. At first I thought it would be difficult but after I had lectures with Mrs. Ekaterine Pipia I was assured that I will gain enough knowledge to pass the exam. I am very grateful to our university, that it gives students of English Philology such opportunity, which is very important for our future career.