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Leadership in Developing State – Ana Dolidze Delivered the Public Lecture at the Faculty of Social Sciences

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

On February 20, 2017 Parliamentary Secretary of the President of Georgia Mrs. Ana Dolidze delivered the public lecture on Leadership in Developing State.

In the framework of the lecture the guest talked about the bureaucratic challenges, compared the decision-making mechanisms in developed and developing states and upon analyzing the concrete case she reviewed the efficiency of decision-making institutions in public sector.  Lecture was conducted in the format of permanent discussion: students were actively involved in to put their approach towards the bureaucratic schemes and analyze their pros and cons with the honorable guest.

With the public lecture of Mrs. Dolidze the second stage of the public lecture series under the title “Challenges to Decision-Making Process in Domestic and Foreign Policy of Georgia” was opened. Lectures by Georgia’s leading decision-makers, experts and researchers representing state institutions, HIEs, NGOs, think-tanks and research centers will be focusing on various aspects and diverse strategies of domestic and foreign policy decision-making. In the framework of the project, speakers will also discuss recent developments in Georgia’s civil society realm, citizens’ inclusion, empowerment and, finally, self-perception of the Georgian people in the state building process since the demise of the USSR.  At the end of the lecture series, the most active participants will be awarded certificates.