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Mr. Ivliane Khaindrava Delivered the Public Lecture on “Analysis of the Current Political Developments in the South Caucasian States”

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

The lecture series “Caucasus in Focus: The Region Analysis in Interdisciplinary Lenses” initiated by the International Relations program of the Faculty of Social Sciences is being continued. The meeting series was followed by the deputy Secretary of the National Security Council of Georgia Mr. Ivliane Khaindrava on “Analysis of the Current Political Developments in the South Caucasian States” in framework of which Mr. Khaindrava presented significant data about Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia such as demographic conditions, religious-cultural peculiarities and historical developments. They are crucially influential while analysis the general political landscapes in those countries. Through the lecture it was discussed the insights on the modern internal developments taking place recently, the role of key decision-makers, non-governmental institutions, civil society performance and public opinion dynamics. Through the Q&A session students showed their particular interest in prospective scenarios towards the conflict resolution in the region and the role of current developments in internal political circumstances in this process.

The lecture cycle will continue till December 17 encompassing the various actual issues about the Caucasus region through interdisciplinary analysis. After passing the course in case of attendance of minimum 7 meetings students will be awarded with the certificates.