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International Relations Program Launches New Project IRIBSU.GE

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences


Internaitonal Relations program of IBSU launches nre interesting and creative project iribsu.ge!!!!

This is the student-blog for International Relations students and lecturers created by themselves.


  • YOU can write on

Your student experience, diversity of hints to become the successful student and study efficiently, challenges existing challenges in students’ daily life and other actual topics;

  • YOU can write on

Interesting topics from your specialty, news development, your personal vision and analysis and other professional experiences generated through discussions woth your lecturers;

  • YOU can write on

Various opportunities provided by the International Relations program at IBSU, all the possibilities you wish to have here and we can create them together.

  • YOU can publish

Course papers, research projects related to your professional activities.


The following categories will work on the blog:

  • IRtravelgram –  Here you will find student bloggers traveling  inside and out of Georgia, taking part in international projects, conferences, voluntary works, exchange programs, etc.
  • Dialogue – want to find out more about worldviews of the lecturers and the students? Try some bites of the discussions beyond the classroom routine.
  • Yard Stories – pros and cons on campus life, lecturing strategies, university management, personal development, pitfalls, advantages, „black holes and revelations“… : ))
  • Lecturer Outside – lecturer’s yard stories (See the description of “Yard Stories”)
  • IRacademics – academic pieces (researches, conference and project materials, term papers, etc.) students and alumni of IR at IBSU
  • IRnewsroom – IR news reviewed and briefed by the students
  • Opportunities – base of the new opportunities and suggestions (projects, conferences, summer schools, trainings, etc. at IBSU and outside)


By the end of Semester Faculty of Social Sciences will reveal the best authors in two nominations and six categories:

  • Author of the most creative and useful blogpost – 100GEL present card from the bookstore;
  • The most active author – 100GEL present card from the bookstore;
  • The best author from each of the categories (6 authors totally) – 50GEL present card from the bookstore (the winner for the category “opportunities” is not revealed).


  • Any student and lecture from the International Relations program of IBSU can write for the blog.
  • Blogpost can be written on either Georgian or English languages.
  • The number of blogposts for one author is not li
  • One blogpost can be authored by max. two students, or student and lecturer.


Criteria for the blogposts:

  • Be creative;
  • Be related with the student life, problems and issues of study-learning process and/or International Relations field;
  • Be in compliance with the general norms of ethics – avoidance of insulting ideas, terminology and opinions is strongly required;
  • Minimum 450 and maximum 700 words.


Blogposts should be sent on the following contacts:

Sopo Inasaridze: sinasaridze@ibsu.edu.ge

Nino Samkharadze: nsamkharadze@ibsu.edu.ge


The deadline for the first view of blogposts: March 4th, 2019.

Blogposts are subjected to the technical editing and content-based selection by the special commission of the Faculty of Social Sciences.


Faculty of Social Sciences wishes you good luck!