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National Narratives and Memory Formation Process in Former Communist Bloc Countries

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

MA program in International Relations and Politics at the International Black Sea University in cooperation with the MA program in Nationalism and Ethnicity Studies at Tbilisi State University launching an educational research project on “National Narratives and Memory Formation Process in Former Communist Bloc Countries”. The project aims at analyzing how memories of the past were mobilized with the view to (re)create a sense of national belonging among the societies of Former Communist Bloc countries. Hence, the goal of the project is to improve young researchers’ expertise on the issue in order to further apply this knowledge while writing publications and working on MA and PhD thesis.


The project comprises three parts: Lecture series delivered by prominent Georgian and foreign experts in the field, covering various issues on memory politics. Workshops on academic writing and relevant research methods will be delivered in the end of the lecture series.


Lectures will be delivered by following speakers:

Dr. Zurab Davitashvili, the Coordinator of the MA program in Nationalism and Ethnicity Studies, Tbilisi State University:

“Transformation of Nationalism in South Caucasus states in the Post-Soviet Period: The Role of Memory Politics”

Dr. Nino Chikovani, the Head of the Institute of Culture Studies, Tbilisi State University:

“Monumentation and the Visualization of the Memory Politics in Post-Socialist States”

Richard Giragosian, the Head of the Regional Studies Center:

“The Process of Memory Making in the Caucasus Region Countries: European Narrative”

Oliver Raisner, Professor, Ilia State University:

“Monumentation and the Visualization of the Memory Politics in Post-Soviet Georgia”

Lasha Bakradze, Soviet Past Research Laboratory (SOVLAB):

“Memory Politics in the Caucasus Region in Pro-Soviet Context”

Dr. Giorgi Gvalia, Ilia State University, Professor

“Foreign Interests of Political Elites and Memory Politics”

Gaga Nizharadze, Free University, Professor

“Psychological Analysis of the Post-Socialist Societies: Soviet Narrative”

Levan Kakhishvili, Researcher at the Georgian Institute of Politics, Invited Lecturer at the IBSU

“Basic Principles of Academic Writing: How to write an Academic Article”

David Sichinava, Researcher at CRRC Georgia, Invited Lecturer at the IBSU

“Research Methods for an Academic Article”



Upon the completion of the lecture cycle, participants are expected to prepare analytical papers, the selected of which will be published by the International Black Sea University Journal of Social Sciences. As a concluding part of the project, Round Table Discussion will be held, where the project participants will have a unique chance to discuss their findings with prominent experts in the field of memory politics.


To participate, send your Name, Surname, Cycle, Year of the Study and Motivation Letter of Max 600 words on E-mail: nsamkharadze@ibsu.edu.ge no latter than November 30. 

Motivation Letter should describe how the projects is related with your research interests, how will you apply the skills and knowledge received in the framework of the project.