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Summer School of Social Sciences Came to an End!

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

“Summer School of Social Sciences 2017” came to an end. The set of educational and entertaining activities for the pupils took place for 5 days and aimed to create useful platform for them to determine their interests and make a choice while thinking about the future profession.

 The first day of the school was dedicated to Journalism. Marina Vashaymadze delivered the lecture on “Profession Journalism” which was followed by professional activity “Interview”. For half of the day students should get interesting information on each other and present the information efficiently.

The day of Economics was opened by Mr. George Bakradze’s lecture under the title “Who is an Economist?” Various entertaining activities were organized for the schoolchildren after which they played a role-playing game “Free Market System”” students should think and apply all the free market principles which are typical for free economics.

On the third day activities about International Relations was held. Mr. Ramaz Sakvarelidze delivered the public lecture under the title “Political Games of World Leaders”, which was followed by the Q&A session. A modified version of strategic game “Politics” was held. In the frameworks of the game students had to demonstrate their intellect, knowledge in history and geography and leadership skills.

The last day of the project was about the Public Administration and State Governance. Irma Mikadze delivered the lecture on the peculiarities of the discipline. Theoretical knowledge was implemented through the simulation game “Government of Georgia”. The Day was ended with the movie “Blue Mountains, or Unbelievable Story“ which was followed the discussion led by the Program coordinator Elene Bendeliani.

Summer School ended with the awards ceremony. The Faculty of Social Sciences awarded 4 pupils in each programme with the Tbilisi Mall’s 100 Gel gift card.