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Faculty of Education & Humanities Public Speaking Competition

განათლების, ჰუმანიტარული და სოციალური მეცნიერებების სკოლა

Public Speaking Competition was held at the Faculty of Education and Humanities, on 13th of May. The students impersonated the famous leaders of the world, such as Hilary Clinton, Che Guevara, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler, etc. They gave powerful speeches. As the competition was strong, it was really difficult to nominate the winners. But still, here they are:  I. Recep Emre, Berire Akca; II. Huseyin Olmez.

On the same day, the workshop was conducted by Guranda Khabeishvili and Mariam Chincharauli. The topic of the workshop was “Leadership Skills”. The students of Faculty of Education and Humanities actively participated in the workshop. The participants were split into three groups and they were asked to do Marshmallow Challenge Game. The purpose of the workshop was to identify students’ leadership thinking styles and to deep their knowledge about the concept of the leadership .All participants received the certificates.