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Irakli Shamatava has been appointed as IBSU dean of School of Law and State Governance


Irakli Shamatava has been appointed as IBSU dean of the School of Law and State Governance.

Irakli Shamatava is an associate professor, and doctor of law, who successfully defended his dissertation at the Caucasus University in 2022. Irakli Shamatava is also a graduate of the Tbilisi School of Political Studies.

Before being appointed as dean, he held the position of the head of the secretariat of the Education and Culture Commission of the Tbilisi city council and also headed the organizing group of the literary and art competition “Tbilisi”. He has published more than 20 scientific articles both in Georgia and abroad. He has completed more than 50 certificate courses in different periods and is a licensed attorney specializing in civil and administrative law.

Irakli Shamatava has received the Giorgi Sharvashidze state prize. In 2016, he was awarded a prize for his special contribution to the development of Poti culture; In 2020, he was awarded the “Mandarins” prize for Georgian-Abkhazian relations, and in 2022, he was nominated for International Peace premium of the Nobel laureate Bertha von Suttner.

Irakli Shamatava is a participant and moderator of XXII and XXIII literary festivals of Tbilisi Book. In 2023, as part of the Writer’s House Exchange Program he was in La Coruña, Spain, where he worked on an autobiographical book. His stories have been translated into Abkhazian, English, Russian, Armenian, Kazakh and Azerbaijani languages.

Irakli Shamatava is a member of the Georgian Copyright Association and the Georgian Bar Association.