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IBSU International Relations programs have been awarded seven years of accreditation by the Accreditation Council

The undergraduate and graduate programs in International Relations at the International Black Sea University have been awarded a seven-year accreditation by a unanimous decision of the Accreditation Council of the National Center for Educational Quality and Enhancement.

During the evaluation process, the high quality of the implemented programs and the documentation submitted for accreditation was underlined. The active involvement of stakeholders, including students and employers, was also emphasized.

“Students’ active involvement in the curriculum refinement and study process development, as well as effective feedback from program and faculty members, is one of the key prerequisites for the success of the educational program” – indicated in the evaluation of accreditation experts.

“In the process of updating the programs for accreditation, we studied the best international practices. Accordingly, in designing the program curriculum, we took into consideration the practices and experiences of the universities such as The University of Oxford, The University of Cambridge, King’s College London as well as the leading European universities. The potential employers in the field were actively involved in the program development process to ensure that our graduates possess perfect knowledge and competencies required for the modern employment market”- said Dr. Baia Ivaneishvili, the head of the program.

According to Dr. Ivaneishvili, the students actively participate in the exchange programs offered by the university which provide them with new opportunities to gain international experience. Also, it is worth mentioning that there is a frequent practice of program graduates studying abroad. In recent years, dozens of program graduates have been able to obtain grants and continue their education abroad.

English and Georgian programs in International Relations have been operating since 2011 at the International Black Sea University. It is noteworthy that according to the data published by National Assessment and Examinations Center, among similar programs throughout Georgia, these IBSU programs have appeared in the top three in the number of grant-holder students for the last 6 years.