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Training for EBSCO database usage


Effective April 2024, the IBSU library has access to the EBSCO, a leading provider of research databases, e-journals, magazine subscriptions, and e-books.

The EBSCO EP Package PREMIER includes ten electronic databases that provide users with a wide range of academic resources, including electronic indexable journals, scientific articles, electronic books, research reports, video materials, teaching and research resources, as well as thousands of journals, full texts, abstracts, and indexed journals in various fields.

Databases are tailored to the needs of researchers and contain valuable, diverse, multidisciplinary materials. The academic and visiting staff of the university, as well as BA, MA, and Ph.D. students, will benefit from the EBSCO EP Package PREMIER elite package.

Aliaskander Ritau, an EBSCO representative, has already trained IBSU’s academic staff on how to use the electronic database. He went over the specifics of using EBSCO databases, as well as their importance and value. Nana Khuskivadze, the director of Innovative Systems Management LLC, also attended the training and answered the audience’s questions thoroughly.