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IBSU’s new owners met with university administration


International Black Sea University’s (IBSU) new owners, Kakha Shengelia and Gia Kavtelishvili, on Wednesday, met with the representatives of the IBSU administration and introduced their future plans.

As IBSU’s new rector Kakha Shengelia noted at the meeting, IBSU would keep its brand, lecturers, and management.

Shengelia underscored that IBSU would increase and expand its awareness, attracting more foreign students and developing new educational programs in engineering, medical, psychology, social, and humanitarian domains.

Kavtelishvili asserted that he was delighted to contribute to the university’s continued development and strengthening alongside his friend and partner Kakha Shengelia.

As former rector Saffet Bayraktutan added the university continues to operate.

“With new leadership and visions, I believe our university will grow and become much stronger”, Bayraktuthan declared.

As per the agreement signed on October 2, International Black Sea University (IBSU) has been acquired by Kakha Shengelia, Caucasus University President, and Gia Kavtelishvili, the Rector of Georgian National University (SEU).