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Computer Science Program students of IBSU participated in the Informatics Hackathon 2022 – IOT


Two teams, composed of students of the International Black Sea University’s computer science program, participated in the Informatics Hackathon 2022 – IOT.

During the two-day event, participating teams presented their own works. A team of freshmen students of IBSU’s computer science program – Giorgi Maglakelidze, Mari Nazarov, Zurab Zarandia and Aleksandre Sajaia, created a “smart trash can” that stopped receiving trash when its amount reaches a certain level.

The team composed of sophomore students – Nana Sikharulidze, Elene Bendeliani, Paata Mushtashvili and Luka Rakviashvili, created a robot car with a gas sensor attached to it. The car can move around the room in such a way that it avoids all obstacles and the gas sensor measures the amount and temperature of accumulated emissions in the room.

Luka Rakviashvili, a second-year student of the computer science program, participating in the hackathon, explains that the main goals for ideas of both teams is social and they aim to solve such problems as avoiding poisoning by harmful gases accumulated during gas burning process and stopping the spread of garbage from trash cans overflowing the streets.

In total, six teams from Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi participated in the hackathon. The project was implemented by the Faculty of Informatics and Management Systems of the Technical University of Georgia, within the framework of the 100th anniversary of the Technical University of Georgia. The goal of the project is to develop research skills among students and to strengthen mutual cooperation between universities.