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IBSU Professors Completed the Leaders of Learning Course at Harvard University


International Black Sea University professors have successfully completed the Leaders of Learning online certification course at Harvard University. Participation in the course of professors Ekaterine Pipia, Nikoloz Parjanadze, Associate Professors of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Education, and Associate Professor Maia Chkotua, was funded by IBSU.

Topics covered during the 10-week course included learning theory, leadership in different learning environments, how organization theory is reflected in learning theory, the impact of the design of physical and digital learning environments on learning, what impact neuroscience will have on learning, and more.

According to Associate Professor Maia Chkotua, Head of the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in English Philology at IBSU, Head of the Teacher Training Program, the course was very interesting and productive. “It gave us a chance to revisit our theory of learning, understand what leadership beliefs and styles work best for different people and what type of organizational structure is helpful to support people’s theory of learning. Moreover, the course gave us some insights about the opportunities for innovation in different physical and digital learning environments.”