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Two-week workshop “Development of Remote Control Robot” is completed


The joint project of the Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW) and the International Black Sea University – a two-week workshop “Development of a remote control robot” has been completed.

During the first week of the workshop participants worked online while during the second week, a German professor Mario Niegebauer conducted a master class for Georgian students at the IBSU campus.

The project was conducted for fourth-year undergraduate and M.A. students of IBSU and HTW Computer Science programs. The workshop was attended by 16 students who designed a remote control robot. It is based on Arduino, Raspberry systems and some sensors related to robot orientation and navigation functions. Within the framework of the workshop, applications were developed for Android devices for establishing communication with the robot via remote control.

At the end of the program, Georgian participants of the project were awarded certificates at the International Black Sea University and rest was sent to Germany for the German participants of the workshop.

As IBSU Rector Seffet Bayraktutan noted during the award ceremony, the International Black Sea University is planning many more important projects together with partner universities: “We always welcome the involvement of our students in international projects and support their activities”.

The workshop was held in a hybrid format on September 13-24.