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IBSU Charity is  for helping people in need by volunteer students. To create a difference in people’s lives, Club members strive to provide people with money, goods or time according to their needs. Charity organizes various activities such as sweet and food exhibitions, concerts, cinema days, handcraft fairs, etc. With the help of these activities, while club members are raising money, they also enjoy being together. Preparation process of some activities like food exhibitions is a fruitful chance for students to start great friendships and to learn about different cultures through their cuisines while cooking together. Charity also offers an oportunity to students willing to demonstrate their talents by means of charity concerts. While the club is providing money or basic necessities such as food or clothing, it is also giving an affectionate love visiting elders, orphans or patients. Club members know that entertaining an ill child, holding an elder’s hand and caressing an orphan’s hair are all charity and they put their heart and soul in making people happier.