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1st Young Scientists Conference on Education 2017

Center for Teaching Excellence

International Black Sea University

Conference Programme

  1. Kristine Tskhadai – High School Students’ Role in the Development of Essay Assessment Rubrics
  2. Sophio Cheishvili – The Role of Electronic Portfolios in the Process of Teaching and Assessment through Leamer-Centered Approach in English as a Foreign Language Classes
  3. Inga Tepbnadze – What Test Developers Have to Take into Consideration with Respect to Proficiency Tests of Speaking and Listening for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers
  4. Tinatin Grdzelishvili – Major Issues of Academic Freedom and Overview of Existing Practices at Georgian Private Higher Education Institutions
  5. Meri Iobidze – Using Metacognitive Strategies to Overcome Challenges in Essay Writing (A Case of High School Students of Georgia)
  6. Nino Gatchava – Quality Assessment Process in General Education System (A Case of Georgian Public and Private School Quality Assurance Mechanism)
  7. Mariam Merkviladze – The Influence of Culture within Peer Assessment of English as a Foreign Language Writing Skills
  8. Irma Kapanadze – Widening Access to Higher Education – Struggle for Social Equality
  9. Tamta Kldiashvili – The Need of Labour Market in Vocational Education
  10. Nana Aleksidze – Role of Higher Education Management in Developing Human Potential for Self-realization
  11. Sophio Khmaladze – Distributed Leadership as a Means of Secondary School Teacher Empowerment and Nurturing Collegiality Culture
  12. Tamar Patchkoria – Aspects Detennining Content and Language Integrated Leaming (CLIL) Practices in Light of English as a Foreign Language Acquisition
  13. Samuel Adedovin Adebayo – Distributed Leadership as a Means of Secondary School Teacher Empowerment and Nurturing Collegiality Culture
  14. Mariam Akopian – Teacliing Language and Gender Issues to Students Speaking Caucasian· Language
  15. Tinatin Kumsiashvili – Analysis of Importance of Integrated Lessons in a Georgian School Context
  16. Tinatin Mtchedlidze – Understanding of Quality Education in Georgian Higher Education Institutions
  17. Irma Gavashelishvili – Improvement of Curriculum Design Conceptual Framework under European Union Educational Proiects
  18. Tamar Basilia – Development of University Social Responsibility as a Core Challenge of the Georgian Society
  19. Ekaterine Piranishvili – The Soecificitv of Vocational Education in Georgia for the 21 st Centurv





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