Doctor - International Black Sea University
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Doctor – a person with relevant medical education, skills and practical experience who:

  • Provides health protection, maintenance and restoration of the University students and personnel considering medical standards and ethic norms as well as legislation requirements;
  • Provides medical services considering interests of the patients;
  • Records information regarding performed health services in accordance to the Georgian legislation;
  • Promotes healthy life at the University, provides prevention of the illnesses, searches recommendations on safe environment for the health and spreads within University;
  • Provides monitoring of the epidemic and sanitary and hygienic environment within its competence;
  • Provides safe and free emergency and planned medical services for the students and employees of the University within its competence;
  • For the unconditional performance of the health services submits the list of necessary medicine, medical inventory or other medical equipment to the Head of Support Services;
  • Keeps information regarding its patients confidentially in accordance to the Georgian legislation;
  • Protects medical oath;
  • Participates in the programs for professional development in order to provide practical medical services in accordance to the modern medical achievements;
  • Fulfils its obligations in accordance to the professional standards and Georgian legislation;