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Admission to the doctoral program

Applicants, who acquired a master’s degree or a degree equal to this according to the Georgian legislation or who acquired a foreign degree that is recognized under the Georgian legislation and who meets the admission requirements defined in the doctorate program can be enrolled in IBSU doctoral programs according to Georgian legislation on the grounds of the internal assessment as defined by the program (such as language exam, interview, research proposal, etc.).

An agreement is concluded with the doctorate program candidate, who has successfully passed admission requirements and the Act of the Rector is issued regarding student’s enrolment. An applicant has to submit a research proposal (at least five pages) dealing with the area of future research. The assessment of the research proposal is done by the admission commission, created by the relevant Dissertation (Field) Board, which consists of at least 3 (three) members of the dissertation (field) board (including the program coordinator) and at least 2 (two) members from the relevant field.

The assessment of the research proposal is done in two stages. In the first stage, the commission evaluates the proposal, and in the second stage – conducts interviews; the results of which are formed and signed by the members of the admission commission.

The proposal and the interview are assessed according to the rubric which is defined by the doctorate program. At this stage, a potential supervisor is assigned for the goals of the research that will be carried out after the study component, based on the program coordinator’s proposal and students’ consent. The potential supervisor is responsible for guidance during the study component for the goals of further research.


Foreign Language Exemption

Those candidates who have an international foreign language (required by the program) certificate will be exempt from the foreign language requirement.

Those candidates who have graduated from an educational program within the last three years in which the instruction language is the foreign language of the doctoral program and their GPA is at least 75 (out of 100) or 3 (out of 4), will be exempt from the foreign language requirement.


Electronic registration/receipt of documents

The candidate must register for the desired program and send the necessary documentation to the e-mail address of the Master’s and Doctoral School: tamarmshvidodadze@ibsu.edu.ge


Doctoral programs:

1 – Educational Sciences – Registration
2 – American Studies – Registration
3 – Business Administration – Registration
4 – Computer Science – Registration


List of documents:

1. Application form – (Download and fill the indicated file);

2. Two photographs, 3X4 (in printed and electronic form; A copy of the passport, in the absence of such, a copy of the identity card;

3. Notarized copies of the document confirming higher education (diploma) and the appendix, or the certificate issued by the relevant higher education institution on the awarding of the relevant degree and the mark sheet; (in the case of a diploma issued by the Black Sea International University, notarization of copies is not mandatory);

4. In case of receiving higher education in a foreign country, notarized translations of the diploma and appendix and a document recognizing the education received abroad;

5. Copy of identification card/passport (for citizens of a foreign country – notarized translation);

6. International certificate proving knowledge of a foreign language/a document confirming the academic degree awarded as a result of the completion of a foreign language program – diploma and appendix (if any);

7. A document confirming being on military registration by a person subject to military registration by the law;

8. Research Proposal.


In case of additional questions, please contact us!

E-mail: tamarmshvidobadze@ibsu.edu.ge

Business School – Taught in English

Program Fee

Business Administration 4500 GEL

School of Education, Humanities & Social Sciences – Taught in English

Programs Fee

American Studies  3540 GEL

Education Sciences 3540 GEL

School of Computer Science & Architecture – Taught in English

Program Fee

Computer Science 3540 GEL