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According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia, we would like to remind you that starting from March 16, 2020, the International Black Sea University will carry out the E-Learning process.

  1. Lectures will be delivered at the time(s) specified in the university’s time-table(s);
  2. The lectures will be delivered by means of one of the Google’s products, namely, the “hangout meet” platform;
  3. The platform can only be accessed through the University email (@ibsu.edu.ge);
  4. You will gain access to the platform after receiving an e-mail to your university e-mail account (@ibsu.edu.ge). Therefore, you need to have an active e-mail account (@ibsu.edu.ge);
  5. In case you have forgotten your university e-mail password, please contact the University IT Department to the following address:itdepartment@ibsu.edu.ge
  6. In order to use the “hangout meet” platform:
    • For setting a connection, Android Smartphone, iOS Smartphone or Windows/MAC computers equipped with video camera, microphones and speakers are needed;
    • In case of smartphones, you need to download the hangout meet app, in case of computers – the latest version of Google Chrome browser;
    • Once the lecturer has sent you an e-mail, you will have access to the hangout meet application. In order to do this, click on the “join hangout meet” link shown below (indicated in red):
    • After opening the link, a new window will open. Click „Join Now”:
    • In order to maintain the audio quality, please turn off your microphones and use them only when necessary.

Please, note that the mentioned e-learning process is being monitored.
Actively use the materials uploaded on the SMART Learning System.