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 IBSU International Relations Program is organizing a workshop – “Introduction to War Studies”


IBSU International Relations Program is organizing a workshop – “Introduction to War Studies”.

The workshop covers topics such as the language and logic of war; levels of war; Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”, Carl Von Clausewitz’s “On War”, contemporary forms of warfare, and more.

The workshop includes practical exercises and a simulation, which aims to develop participants’ ability to make rational decisions and respond to crises.

Dates: 4-14 December

Working language: English

Venue: International Black Sea University

The workshop is designed for students of the International Black Sea University interested in the topic.

Deadline for registration: 03.12.2021

Registration link: shorturl.at/gnqH4


04/12 15:00: Introduction Lecture, War Language and Logic

06/12 17:00: Sun Tzu – “The Art of War”

08/12 12:00: Modern methods of warfare

09/12 16:00: Simulation

Estimated duration of each lecture: 90 minutes

To see the detailed syllabus, please, follow the link: http://shorturl.at/jquwW

At the end of the workshop, a field meeting/excursion is planned.

Participants will be awarded certificates.

The workshop will be led by Nino Tsikhelashvili, a graduate of the IBSU Bachelor program of International Relations, a member of the North-Atlantic Treaty Youth Association, volunteer of General Mazniashvili Youth Legion, and intern at the Ministry of Defence.

The workshop is part of the IBSU Homecoming project, which aims to maintain communication between alumni and students by creating opportunities for continuous knowledge transfer and experience sharing.