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About School

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

The school of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences is successfully functioning with its numerous students and highly qualified academic staff. School of high academic standards provides competitiveness of its graduates in the labor market, offering a Western-style higher education by inviting international academic staff in cooperation with the US Embassy. The school of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences provides educational programs in English, giving its graduates the opportunity to continue their studies in American and European universities. In addition to the specialty courses, students will also be able to learn a second foreign language (Spanish, French, German, Russian, Turkish).

Academic and Social Activities

The school has a dense academic and social life which is manifested in the organization of annual high-level international conferences; The University supports successful students’ involvement in various international youth projects. In addition, there are student clubs and organizations and their activities are conducted independently by students.


Career and Employment

Internships are one of the key components of educational programs at the School. Therefore, we build partnerships with the country’s leading research organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations. After completing the internship, some of our students continue to work in those organizations.


Exchange Programs

Students with high academic performance are given the opportunity to participate in exchange programs at leading universities across Europe, US and Asia. See the list of partner universities at: www.iro.ibsu. edu.ge