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Quality Assurance Service


Quality Assurance Manager at the Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Giorgi Tsanatskenishvili
E-mail: gtsanatskenishvili@ibsu.edu.ge


Faculty quality assurance office functions in cooperation with the University Quality Assurance Office, according to the university regulations and the University Quality Assurance Office regulation. In cooperation with the faculty dean, faculty quality assurance manager distributes the duties among assistant personnel of the faculty, gives them recommendations and instructions.
The main functions of the faculty quality assurance office manager are:
Working out the quality assurance mechanisms and procedures, teaching and research assessment rules.
Organizing authorization and accreditation self-assessment questionnaires/ reports and accompanying documentation.
Coordination of elaboration process of university documents, instructions and rules connected to the educational process, scientific research, implementation of the Bologna process, authorization and accreditation procedures.
Coordination of evaluation procedures regarding the university’s material-technical resources, academic personnel and educational programs, according to Georgian Law requirements in Higher Education.
Organizing periodical academic evaluation of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral educational programs and working out recommendations for their improvement.
Controlling periodically the educational process, following the discipline, arranging examination sessions and academic attendance.
Organizing inquiry questionnaires of lecturers’ pedagogical level assessed by students, processing inquiry results and working out recommendations at the end of each semester.
Organizing procedures of evaluation of educational programs in correspondence with accreditation standards.
Coordination of faculty quality assurance office activities.